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The Supra Eco Homes, India’s First Fully Solar Powered Real Estate Project

Cover by 2017-07-29 05:40:22

The Supra Eco Homes, the newly launched Hyderabad's greenest homes project planned so well that it minimally depends on the grid. That means there will be no power bills, power cuts, literally.  Wood is a primary building material. But, zero trees are cut, and zero wood is used in the construction of the building. Instead, windows made of UPVC and steel doors and frames are used. Sustainable Homes is undoubtedly the wave of the future. Supra Builders is the first construction company in India gone deep in Solarizing the Apartment in the past, and now even lifts of Supra Eco Homes are run on solar energy, which was not possible earlier in Pride Supra Homes. Green housing will be the future of real estate not only in India, but, across the globe. Environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings must become an integral part and future of the construction industry of our country. Many home buyers now prefer green and sustainable homes. Constructing in 900sq yards space, the venture; Supra Eco Homes has 16 units of 3 BHK Flats of 1406 ft. The building of two blocks of parking and plus four floors apartment boasts of many eco-friendly amenities. It has green space with private farming of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It has solar fencing, rainwater re-usage and harvesting facility, water softener, etc. It houses 20seater home theatre, mini-gym, sports room as well.